Black-Hat Python for Computer Security

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What you will learn Create your own tools for Hacking, Cracking and Pentest Develop security systems using the Python language Requirements Networks TCP / IP Basics of exploit development

What will you get?

Description: Python Black Hat was created to clearly teach you how to develop your own tools for Hacking, Cracking and Pentest using Python with a total focus on Computer Systems Security. Very well edited course The course was edited so that you don't waste your time with the content, the content is very direct and objective. Basic programming included In the course we also covered the basics of Python programming. If you don't know how to program, no problem, we teach you. Experienced instructors Course instructors are experts in their fields Marcos Castro: Graduated in Computer Science and programmer in several languages. Weidsom Nascimento: Pentester and security software developer. Who this course is for: Course for people who want to learn to program Hacking software using Python

Price: $50.00