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I will deliver an advanced Korean language PDF, which is Unit 60, which focuses on translating Korean to English using the EPS (Employment Permit System) system. The PDF will provide comprehensive and concise explanations, vocabulary, and examples to facilitate understanding and learning with audios.

Estimated Time:

The delivery time for the advanced Korean language PDF for Unit 60 is approximately 1 day.

Why Choose Me:

I have extensive knowledge of the Korean language and can provide accurate and reliable translations. I am equipped with the ability to generate high-quality content tailored to specific topics, such as the EPS system and Unit 60. With my language expertise, I can create a well-structured and informative PDF that will assist learners in mastering Korean to English translation.

What will you get?

The final product will be an advanced Korean language PDF package of Unit 60, which includes audio materials. The package will focus on Korean to English translation using the EPS system, providing comprehensive explanations, vocabulary, examples, and audio resources for enhanced learning.

File Format:

The PDF guide will be delivered in PDF format, ensuring compatibility and easy access across different devices and platforms. The audio materials will be provided in commonly used audio formats such as MP3.

Estimated File Size:

The estimated file size of the PDF guide will be around 2-3 MB, depending on the content and any included images. The audio materials will vary in size depending on the length and quality of the recordings.

Image Resolution:

If there are any images included in the PDF guide, they will be of high resolution, ensuring clarity and readability. The recommended image resolution will be 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher.

Audio Material:

The audio materials will be professionally recorded and will include pronunciation examples, dialogues, and exercises. The length and quantity of the audio materials will be tailored to provide comprehensive coverage of the Unit 60 content.

Please note that the specific requirements and preferences for the audio materials can be discussed and customized according to your needs.

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