How Payments Work

With, you can get anything done.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…


A Buyer finds a Task and pays using debit or credit card, ETN, or a gift card


The Seller fulfills the order and submits work for feedback


When the work is approved by the Buyer the Seller receives payment in ETN (What is ETN? Click here to find out!)

100% payment protection with AnyTaskProtection™

To allow both the Buyers and Seller complete trust in, both are protected with 100% payment protection with AnyTaskProtection™. The dispute process handles any disagreements, and if the work received isn’t acceptable the Buyer receives a full refund. Likewise, because payment is taken when a Task is ordered, the Sellers don’t have to worry that a Buyer will refuse to pay for completed work, as long as the work fulfils the brief. If there are any problems, the support team are available 24/7.

*Terms apply

What is ETN?

ETN (Electroneum Ltd’s cryptocurrency) is a cryptocurrency, but not as you know it.

ETN has hundreds of thousands of real world users across the globe, using it to make digital payments in day to day life. It enables the world’s unbanked to take part in the digital economy.

Today, depending on your location, you can use ETN to pay things in the following categories:

Mobile data and airtime paymentsUtilities Travel & accommodationFood & drink at bars and restaurantsLuxury goodsElectronics and technologyDigital Services

… and much more. For a full list of what you can buy, visit ETN Everywhere.

How do I pay for digital Tasks in ETN?

Great news! You can now pay for digital Tasks on using ETN. To pay for Tasks using ETN, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Task you want to order and hit ‘ETN’.
  • Once you’ve clicked this, a QR code will be generated for you; this will hold the price of the Task, including the Service Fee, for 15 minutes. Scan the QR code in the ETN App and complete the payment. If you are unable to complete payment in the 15 minute timeframe, a new code will be generated for you using the updated exchange rate.

📱On a mobile? Don’t worry, you can still pay using the ETN. Just click on the link underneath the QR code to be taken to the ETN App to complete the transaction.📱

How do I get paid in ETN?

When a Task is sold, fulfilled and approved by the Buyer you'll be paid in ETN into your unique ETN Wallet. Before you can sell a Task, you need an ETN Wallet connected to your Platform account.

If you already have an account and are unsure of whether you have an ETN Wallet connected to it, go to your account page to find out. If you don’t already have an ETN Wallet connected it will ask you to connect your ETN Wallet and account.

  • If you have an ETN Wallet but your account page shows it is not connected to your account yet, simply follow the instructions displayed on your account page.
  • If you do not yet have an ETN Wallet simply download the ETN App and follow the set of instructions (it should take less than 60 seconds to setup).
  • If you have neither an ETN Wallet nor an account, here’s a tip. Download the ETN App and follow the setup instructions. Once setup, sign in to using the ‘Login with Electroneum (powered by ETN-CWP)’ button. This makes the process even simpler because it automatically links your ETN Wallet and your account for you.

Can I change ETN into another currency?

Once it’s been transferred to your ETN Wallet, it’s yours. So yes - do what you like with it! Spend it, save it, or exchange it for any other currency or cryptocurrency you like.

To exchange it into another currency or cryptocurrency you’ll need to use a crypto exchange - a full list of exchanges that can do this with ETN can be found here.

Important Information

All debit and credit card payments are processed by Stripe, one of the most widely used payment platforms in the world. AnyTask Ltd holds the Buyer’s payment until the Task is completed satisfactorily.

Upon approval of the Seller’s work by the Buyer, arranges for payment in ETN to the Seller.

AnyTask Ltd does not handle any form of cryptocurrency, including ETN.

*additional terms apply for AnyTaskProtection™.