Meet the Sellers Sellers come from every corner of the world, from every conceivable background. Some were established digital freelancers who found and joined. Others started their freelance journey with and haven’t looked back since.

Whatever their background, their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment is a constant source of inspiration.

Here are a few examples of Sellers with inspiring stories to tell.

Meet Joseph, The Wordpress developer and video editor behind Qikfingers.

Joseph was born in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna, but his family moved south to Port Harcourt fleeing from the religious violence that has affected the country since 1953. His father was extremely supportive of his interests in freelancing. "My dad made a huge sacrifice by giving me the money when I was 15 to buy the 'Fiverr Ultimate Guide Book' by Idris Adeley that cost US$30". Within just one year, Joseph began to freelance online, making US$30 a week – incredible considering the minimum wage was US$80 a month.

Meet George & Cinthya, The couple behind Ivanstudio.

The Ivans are from Romania and have been married since 2009. A year into their marriage, they decided to start doing a bit of freelancing, and so began what has been an incredible journey for them. “Gradually through tons of tutorials and video explainers, we began getting better at what we love doing”. The talent behind Ivan Studio explained they became fulltime

Meet Abuka, The PowerPoint designer & systems analyst behind Vickerdent.

Abuka was born in Abuja, a capital city of about 10 million people. At 20 years old, Abuka completed a four-year BSc in Computer Science. Abuka said "I am continuously learning and taking courses. Currently, I am taking online courses to learn how to code in different languages as I am always looking to improve and acquire more skills"

Meet Sayema, The graphic designer behind Tahmida

Bangladesh has a youth unemployment rate of 10.6%. More than a third of the population lives in poverty and over half are unbanked. Against this backdrop, Sayema decided that freelancing was a way to earn a good income on her own terms, and as her own boss.

Meet James, The entrepreneur behind DJFein.

James already had a decade of experience freelancing in the digital economy before he came across He has built his skills and client base over years and worked hard to have success as his own boss.

Meet Muhammad, The motion graphic designer and video editor behind Creativezu

Pakistan, his home country, has severe unemployment problems and for Muhammad, freelancing with offered a way to earn an income far above the national minimum wage, which he says is “insufficient to make ends meet.”