Do you have what it takes to become an AnyTask Hero?

Freelancers, assemble. is introducing a new way to reward the most dedicated Sellers on the AnyTask Platform - AnyTask Heroes.

AnyTask Heroes are Sellers who consistently wow their clients with their talent and hard work, consistently deliver, and never let their clients down.*

The AnyTask Hero badge is awarded PER TASK. So a Seller who gets made an AnyTask Hero for one of their Tasks they won’t necessarily have it on all of them.

*The specific criteria used is at the discretion of the AnyTask™ Platform.

Why are AnyTask Heroes being introduced?

There are two main reasons:

1. The AnyTask™ Platform wants to reward the best Sellers. Sellers who do a good job repeatedly have a chance to be rewarded with Hero status and this will help them stand out.

2. The AnyTask™ Platform wants to make life easier for Buyers. Ever been stuck browsing Netflix, unable to choose what to watch because there’s too much choice? research shows that sometimes Buyers can find it difficult to make a choice out of all the thousands of Tasks available. The AnyTask Heroes badge make it easier for them to find the top performers in a category.

How can I become an AnyTask Hero?

AnyTask Heroes will be identified according to the following criteria:

High average review score

AnyTask Heroes must have a high average review score on aTask for that Task to be considered for Hero status. Note - checks will be undertaken to ensure the reviews are from genuine customers. Fake reviews will not be tolerated.

Low number of poor reviews

AnyTask Heroes must consistently perform to the highest standard. Freelancers who have a good overall average, but have some very unhappy recent customers, will not qualify for Hero status.

High average review score

To qualify as a Hero, a Seller must deliver good work consistently over time. It won’t be enough to have just a few happy customers in a short period.

Before being given Hero status, the AnyTask™ Platform will also check the full history of a Seller’s account. If it is found that they have misled Buyers about their skills, or used copyrighted material, or otherwise violated the terms of service, they will not be considered. AnyTask Heroes will be the best of the best of the best.

Can an AnyTask Hero lose Hero status?

Yes. Once a Task has been given an AnyTask Hero badge, that doesn’t mean they’ll always have it. There will be constant checks on the Heroes to ensure they are still delivering good work, and the platform will always be looking out for other freelancers who could take their place.

Isn’t this unfair on freelancers who aren’t given AnyTask Hero status?

AnyTask Heroes will stand out. The AnyTask™ Platform want to reward the best Sellers and make the choice easier for Buyers.

However, any Seller can receive Hero status. If you consistently do a good job for your Buyers, you will be considered. And if a Hero stops doing a good job, they’ll lose Hero status.