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A Vedic birth chart is a chart which is made on the basis of the planetary positions at the time of birth. With this ; I will help you predict and suggest remedies for your future. With the help of astrology I can give you a detailed report on your future.

Do you think that your efforts are not being suitably rewarded?  Do you feel double-mindedness and depression in your life? Do you feel that relations with your life partner are getting worse? Then this is for you! What will you get? • Astrological Advice. • Expert Counseling. • and more (message me) What package will you get?

✓ The starting package includes your horoscope/Birth chart and annual chart with predictions and remedies.

Why choose me?

• Professional service.

• Many years of experience in my job

• Guaranteed satisfaction Feel free to message me for any question and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

What will you get?

Based on your birth details i.e.

i) Date of Birth

ii)Time of Birth

iii) Place of Birth with Latitude & Longitude

I will send you a life astrological report in pdf format up to 15 to 20 pages in length depending on individual to individual.

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