I Will Proofread and Revise ANYTHING!

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Are you writing an essay for school? A cover letter for a prospective employer? Maybe you're writing a story and just need a fresh set of eyes to make sure everything is in working order? I'll do it for you. I GUARANTEE an improvement of the document you send me for revision. You send me the document you wish me to proofread and/or revise. I will read it, find any mistakes, suggest changes, and send it back to you shiny and new! And I'll do it FAST! Up to 2,500 words: 1 day Up to 5,000 words: 2 days Up to 10,000 words: 3 days Anything over 10,000 will need to be discussed further.

What will you get?

An essay, story, or any other kind of document that is of a higher quality than before you sent it to me.

Price: $8.00