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I am clinic and sports nutrition therapist. I studied Technical Clinic and Sports nutrition at Bènèdict Business school in Zurich/Switzerland. I’ve been professionally trained and active I have over 10 years professional experience and Dietitian, as well certified personal trainer. Your first meal plan is intended to be concluded between 4 to maximum 6 weeks. No matter if your wish is to lose a few stubborn weights, to learn better eating habits, or just to plan the smartest way to fit a healthy nutrition plan with your lifestyle and daily routine, my function is to find out what individually better fits each client. I also can accompany and advice female clients With nutrition therapy during pregnancy, Pre menopause, during and post menopause and choose an individual diet plan suitable for each of these phases, also aid at postoperative therapy with the suitable meal plan. From 6 month old babies, light overweight young adult and until 3rd age.

What will you get?

After the first consultation, which can be done across FaceTime, or Skype, nutritional plans are delivered by email within a maximum period of 10 days. Fortnightly weight controls are required, so that I can guide you through this journey. Each meal plan are programmed for maximum 6 weeks, new meal plans counts as new project. I also offer a shopping list and anytime support thru email, which will be answered in maximum 24h.

Price: $100.00