I will do ico/ieo/ido promotion on bitcointalk

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Hello Everybody,

Bitcointalk is the best place to market your ICO/IEO/IDO and other cryptocurrency-related products because Bitcointalk has over 2 million active users. 

This Gig is created to cover all Bitcointalk services including:

1) Create Ann Thread of your ICO/IEO/IDO and add comments to it. 

2) Thread Moderation

3) Bump your ICO/IEO/IDO Ann Thread. 

4) Manage Bitcointalk Announcements. 

5) Round the Clock Support

Basic Package(15$):

Bitcointalk Ann Thread Creation

Standard Package(50$):

Add 25 Comments In Your Thread

Premium Package(100$):

Add 25 Comments In Your Thread

I am working on Bitcointalk for over 2 years and can help you in creating a successful strategy to promote your ICO on Bitcointalk. Please do message me before placing the order to get the best results. Come, let's work together.

What will you get?

Publish ann thread post in bitcointalk forum and also get comment from different account. Get all in doc file

Price: $15.00