I Will Teach From Basic To Advanced Stock Forex And Crypto Trading

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This is intended for homeschooling, which is perfect during this pandemic. I have filmed and prearranged everything for you to study at home, in front of your screen, without going outside for a symposium.

This is outstandingly laid out; it contains everything you need to know to start trading. It's quite difficult to find something similar and as comprehensive as this one, which is also very affordable.

Included in the whole package are:

indicators and timing,

elite patterns,

scalping and day trading,

Swing trading,

options strategy,

harmonic patterns,


When to enter and exit trade,

cryptocurrencies, gold futures, and indices;

stocks, forex, commodities, etf, cfd;

trading psychology;

discipline and habits;

live trading;

insider knowledge.

full videos with 4.5 gigabytes of data.

By studying this by heart, you can achieve pro-level skills. Most trading schools price it at a couple thousand dollars or even higher just to enroll in this school.

This is all you need to learn, from basic to advanced trading. So study it seriously. Do not skip any lessons, and believe in yourself.

Included is everything from patterns, timing, indicators, options strategies, live trading, and inside knowledge.

What will you get?

You will receive downloadable links to the modules in MP4 format.

Price: $18.00