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Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but have no idea where to start? Are you like me and never thought you could do it? Let me show you how you too can pursue your aviation dreams. I have been a licensed pilot since 2012 and my hope is to see others pursue their dreams of flight. It really is a one of a kind experience where you see and witness things few others get to. Don't hold yourself back any longer! Notes: I am not a CFI, CFII, MEI or AGI. Nothing in our discussion should be taken as Flight or Ground training or instruction. I am merely a consultant showing you how to finally go after that dream of flight. Disclaimer: Please note that I am a US citizen and as such am only familiar with FAA rules, regulations, and training requirements. It is your responsibility to become acquainted with the specific regional and federal laws, regulations and training/ licensing requirements of your locale. That being said, many people from other countries come to the US for flight training and then return to their home country.

What will you get?

1. One (1) Student Pilot Checklist (If you want to fly, get used to checklists...)

2. One (1) Pre-Consultation Questionaire

3.One (1) 60 Minute 1-on-1 Flight Training Consultation with me over Skype or another chat/ IM service. (Please indicate clearly what service you want to use.)

Note: Fill out and return the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire. Once I receive it, I will propose up to three (3) dates and times for our consultation. Please understand that I am in the Eastern time zone of the United States and our mutual available hours may differ greatly.

Price: $30.00