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Week 01 - Presentation   Introduction to Information Security   Introduction to Penetration Testing   Career in Pentest   Virtualization and Operating Systems   Mastering the Linux terminal   Mastering the Windows prompt   WEB and HTTP overview   Log Analysis   Week 02 - TCP / IP for Pentesters   Protocol Analyzers   Week 03 - Bash Scripting (Linux)   Pentesters Power Shell   Week 04 - C language for Pentesters   Python for Pentesters   Week 05 - Swiss Army Knife   Information Gathering - Business   Information Gathering - INFRA   Information Gathering - WEB   Scanning   Bypassing Defense Mechanisms   Working with Scapy   Enumeration   Vulnerability Analysis

What will you get?

Achieve Pentest in corporate environments at a professional level with its own teaching platform with realistic environments and contexts.

Price: $50.00