OYS Security - Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

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Be an expert in analyzing malware code to combat modern virtual pests! The course focuses on reverse engineering and analysis of malicious files on the Windows platform and also on the Web. Throughout the training, techniques and tools (free) will be presented that will assist the student in the practical analysis of current malware of the most diverse types. In addition to the practical aspect, the student will also have contact with the theory of internal functioning (low-level) of executables and the Windows operating system. Windows Internals, Rootkits and Antireversing, essential for the analysis of advanced malware, will be treated in more detail. The course provides methods, tools and tips to reverse the analysis hinder employed by the developers of malicious programs.

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COMMON QUESTIONS: 1 - How is the course sent? Shipping is free via chat or email. 2 - How will I attend the courses? You can either watch online or download and watch on your computer, tablet or cell phone. 3 - What servers are available? We have courses on both Google Drive and Mega. 4 - How long will I have to attend the course? As long as you need, we own all the links, and they never expire. 5 - What are free courses? The free courses are courses from various niches, courses that cost more than 1,000 reais. 6 - Will I have support after purchase? Yes, you will have all the necessary support. 7 - Are the courses complete as on the official website? Yes complete as on the official website.

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