Professional Ethical Hacker - Level 3

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The Professional Ethical Hacker - Level 3 course is an Advanced course for future Information Security professionals and PenTesters. This is the true Course where you are not free in today's markets, but I decided to share a little of my knowledge, there are some types of hackers, the ones that they like to invade servers, internet corporations, etc., but also those who worked on the good side, manage to protect servers, detect attacks by other hackers, prevent the servers, taking action against hackers, among others. Knowledge is not a crime, it is up to you how and what you will do with that knowledge. The Tutorials are completely explanatory in videos, with full understanding of the course. After confirmation of payment the product will be sent between 12 and 24 hours. This is the third in a series of intrusion and intrusion courses and is recommended for people who want to have a solid knowledge to become an Ethical Hacker. It is not necessary to take Level 1 and 2, but it is recommended that you have a good base in hacking and networks and knowledge of programming logic, if you do not have such knowledge we recommend taking Level 1 and 2. We will go through several areas of the hacking: from advanced and manual exploration of SQL Injection, to reverse engineering, malware analysis and creation of exploits, ending the course with the exploration of a realistic corporate network environment. It is an extremely complete, detailed, updated, didactic and practical course. It has a learning system step by step, which in a light and intuitive way takes the student to easy learning.

What will you get?

Module 1 - Vulnerability Scanner - Course presentation -Nessus -OpenVAS Module 2 - Advanced SQL Injection -SQL Injection Manual Module 3 - Malware Analysis -Introduction to Malware Analysis -Assembling a Lab for Analysis -Analysis of Malware in Practice Module 4 - Developing a Port Scanner -Introduction to Port Scanning -Developing a Port Scanner Module 5 - Buffer Overflow -Introduction to Buffer Overflow -Reverse shell with Buffer Overflow Module 6 - DoS and DDoS -Introduction to DoS -DoS in practice -Botnet -Mitigating DoS attacks Module 7 - Attacks on corporate networks -Introduction to Pentestit -Token Site -Token Cabinet -Token Cisco and Terminal -Token Mail and SSH Dev Module 8 - Attacks on corporate networks 2 -Token Portal -Token Javadev -Token Recon and DB -Conclusion

Price: $50.00