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Are you an aspiring rapper or singer and need access to royalty free songs? Are you an indie game developer or a video editor who needs quality music for their project, but doesn't want to risk dealing with copyright headaches? Well, I'm here to help! Tell me your vision and what you are looking for as an end product - tell me emotions, desired atmosphere, and what "feel" you are hoping to achieve and I will do my best to turn that vision into reality.

What will you get?

The final product will be a single untagged song - the master MP3 file. In this, I also agree to transfer full ownership rights of said finished product to the buyer. This means that you can do whatever you want with the audio and there are no limitations to the amount of times you can use or distribute the media - its YOURS. No royalties or kickbacks, the finished product is 100% YOURS! (Although, if you are kind enough to credit my work, I would be eternally grateful!)

Quantity: 1
Price: $30.00