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Looking to give you social media or youtube content that extra kick it needs. Purchase customizable into and outreach videos.

What will you get?

What you get when you purchase this service: you will get 1 customized intro or outro video. video quality will be created at the highest quality possible but will not be created below 1080p. Final product will be 1 minute in length or less. Use of music and sound effects are included as well at no additional costs, but will have to follow copyright laws and be royalty and copyright free. I WILL NOT CREATE any videos that conveys racism, hate speech or breaks any laws in my country. Please allow up to 72 hours from the time the order is place to the delivery of the final product. I will then allow one time revision of any parts of the intro or outro you would like change. If you choose to revise final product please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of revised product after the revisions have been requested. I will NOT post, share, sale or just giveaway any products that you purchase. Once product has been delivered, you take control of all rights and how you use it. You may see any and all full examples of what you can choose from on my youtube page at Please check this channel weekly as I will be posting examples as much as possible. What I will need from you: a transparent image of your logo. If you have a logo but do not know how to make it transparent, I can do this for you in place of the one revision. If you choose for me to turn your logo transparent, you are understanding that you have chosen to forego the revision part of the product. I will also need any wording you would like involved in your video. Such as; website url, any social media usernames, youtube channel name, etc.

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Could be a bit more eye catching, but overall really good quality

- ef2000
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