I can translate any text from English to Norwegian (

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I can provide translation of any English text to Norwegian. Subtitles, translation in mobile apps, website information, articles, etc. in any lenght. I can provide professional writing as well as common and simple wording and phrasing. I am 23 years old and write for a semi-large professional organization funded by the Norwegian government. I will be readily available throughout the weekdays between 16(4pm) and 22(10pm) as well as being able to communicate between 8.00(8am) and 22(10pm) via email and this plattform. This job is for 500 words or less. See my other available tasks for bigger tasks.

What will you get?

Your final product will be delivered in Norwegian along with the translations made from English. I will explain any words or phrases for you in case you have a specified wording or a special way to express any sentence in a manner that is important to get to the consumer in a way you want to represent it. For instance if you want seriousness and professional language, or a language more applicable to the youth. I will give you, dependent on context, a detailed explanation of the sentence and how it will be perceived if you find that necessary, and I will be happy to work along with you. The product can be delivered via Mail, Google Docs etc.