Remote Computer Support

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Remote Computer Support including but not limited to: Virus Removal Software Installation/Uninstallation Computer Support and Training & More

What will you get?

Remotely Controlling your Computer. With Remote Computer Support, we will send you an email with a link to click on at the time agreed upon which the user will click, that will allow us access to your computer. While we are accessing your computer you will be able to see everything we are doing aswell as still being able to control your Computer at the same time. Once the job required has been completed (for example, Virus Removal) then we disconnect from the session and we will be unable to reconnect and/or access your computer further unless you allow us to. During the session there is a two way chat, where you can talk to the technician directly and ask any questions if you have any. Anything and Everything related to the job is held completely confidential, and nothing is recorded. Sessions are limited to 30 Minutes Each, and time required further will require a seperate task except for Virus Removal which can take longer depending on the size of the drive being scanned etc. For Virus removal we allow 1 Hour per Session. However we will allow further time if needed on a case by case basis, say if your job took 35 minutes or 40 minutes we would allow that to be completed within the 1 Session.

Price: $25.00