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Do you have a great idea for the perfect product or service? Want to start your own business? Have no idea where to begin? Well, look no further. I will help you with your business plan, mission statement, organizing your business model, prepare you for the licensing process or processes depending on your idea. No need to learn how to do every kind of business in the generic schools, I will use my knowledge and resources to get you going. It's all easier than you thought. Other than the small nominal fee for the assistance, there are no other costs. I don't want to own your idea, but I do want you to be successful.

What will you get?

{Price includes the five main tasks and any 1 optional service. For simple businesses additional optional services may be added} 1. Business Plan 2. Mission Statement 3. Business Model 4. Licensing directions 5. Insight into how to streamline your idea into your dreams. 6. (Optional) Prepare presentation for investors. 7. (Optional) Basic Marketing plan. 8. (Optional) Basic bookkeeping instructions. 9. (Optional) Human Resources guidance. 10. (Optional) Assistance with creating a company identity.

Price: $89.00