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I have a great eye for detail, and catch spelling and grammatical errors extensively in almost every article I read or webpage I visit. I do my best to make the writer aware when appropriate and reasonable to do so. The way we communicate, especially in a text based environment, is intrinsically meshed with the way the reader perceives us personally, so we want it to portray us as best it can. Spelling and grammar, especially when done so with care, gives an impression of intelligence and professionalism, which I feel is attractive to most people. Sometimes we just don't have the time or patience to reread everything we write, especially if it's imbued with our personal emotions, which can make it difficult to separate from the technical side of the words therein. I can help with simply spell checks and punctuation, or offer suggestions for edits or alternate words choices. Whatever you'd like in these regards.

What will you get?

Your own original documents, edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation with options to provide wording suggestions at your request.

Price: $20.00