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Are you mad at your wife for spending money on something you didn't need? Maybe you're feeling a little blue and just need someone to listen to you and empathize for a whiIe. It cluld even be you just have a problem, but you don't want anyone you know to find out why. Well, for a one time payment of 4.99, I'll be happy to be your proverbial bo-bo doll and let you transfer all the negative emotions you're harboring towards others (or yourself, it happens) onto a neutral (and 100% non-judgemental) party. I can provide whatever you need, someone to scream at, someone to complain to, and someone to just plain vent to no questions asked (unless you want me to).

What will you get?

What you will recieve is my contact info for any chat platforn you desire from the list below: Kik Telegram Discord Email

Price: $5.00