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Many people will take your money to rewrite or improve your site. But what should they change? Are they focussed on the right things? What bugs are hurting your business? What issues are confusing your customers? What flaws make it feel old-fashioned? Is a new site really needed? How do you know? ***** I have 15+ years experience in the fields of usability, user experience, QA testing, and building websites. I use this knowledge to provide you with an objective and comprehensive review of your large website, arming you with all the information you need to make your online presence shine and maximise the investment you have already made. ***** My report will cover these key areas: - usability. - navigation. - copy (site text). - cosmetic and branding (look ’n’ feel). - adherence to industry standards. - suitability for mobile/tablet. - performance. - SEO (search engine optimisation). ***** This thorough review represents excellent value for money, likely yielding a significant return-on-investment, for a business of any size.

What will you get?

A comprehensive, concise, valuable report of your website, detailing the actionable expert recommendations, together with the justification and reasons for each one. Using this, you can transform your website into a high-performing online presence that maximises the opportunity in every visitor, and delights each one with a great experience.

Price: $97.99