Electrical Safety Consultant

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I provide practical Electrical Safety solutions that are operationally friendly, cost effective, and expedient to complex and varied venues. I leverage expertise in a diverse range of electrical specialties and related applications to highlight, plan and resolve compliance challenges and meet standards of the U. S. Government, OSHA, and individual companies. It is my mission statement to ensure the safety of people, the functionality of equipment, and the preservation of data integrity to secure and enhance operational readiness in support of target operations and productivity.

What will you get?

I provide taylored consultation using the most cost effective approach based upon your particular project requirements. Policy recommendations, procedural documentation, site surveys, remediation plans, compliance documents, on-site training and/or familiarization sessions for equipment, processes, codes, and standards, are some examples of my deliverables. Each consulting project is different, and will require specific elements from the wide range of services that I offer to assemble a complete customized solution package to meet your needs. I provide the answers that you need without wasting your time and resources on irrelevant and unnecessary products that are not aligned with your specific goals and budget. Billing structures for required products and services will be formulated using a common sense approach, based upon several factors. Together, we will develop an initial outline of your project priorities, from either a no-cost initial meeting, or request for information that I provide. This will be used to develop a scope of work and quote which may indicate that an hourly, flat rate, project, or modular charge structure may be the most appropriate format, so that I may provide you with the greatest return on investment. (Price listed below is per hour, for your advanced planning convenience, and is only a rough estimation) Due to the diversity of operations that Electrical Safety impacts, compliance requirements vary greatly from one client to the next. Flexible statements of work, customizable billing options, and substantial choice of Electrical Safety Program elements, will deliver an efficient, effective, complete, and compliant consulting package to ensure your operational success.

Price: $100.00